Use FIT4HIRE to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Job Pitch reduces time-to-hire by focusing on the two things that matter most in the hiring process: 1) letting job seekers say why they're the right person for the job in their own words AND 2) letting employers know that the candidate that they're interviewing is highly likely to pass pre-employment background checks BEFORE the first interview.

When job seekers add FIT4HIRE badges to their candidate profile, they get a leg up on the competition AND employers get to speed up lengthy hiring processes.

The FIT4HIRE badges are powered by

Learn more about the different badges below:

Military Verification

Job Pitch offers candidates who have served in the military a badge that recognizes their service and helps them connect with employers eager to consider veterans for their unique skill sets.

Academic Verification

Educational requirements vary from industry to industry. This badge signifies successful pursuit of scholastic training. Candidates can use this FIT4HIRE badge to highlight their academic achievement.

ID Verification

This essential badge confirms candidate identity.

Credit Verification

The Credit Verification badge identifies candidates who have credit records showing financial responsibility. This badge is designed to help candidates seeking employment in financial services.

Clean Background Verification

Sensitive positions may require candidates who must undergo thorough scrutiny. The Clean Background Verification badge jumpstarts this process for both candidates and employers.

Second Chance Verification

Candidates seeking workforce re-entry can discreetly connect with employers who have positions that do not require a perfect background.

WOTC Eligible

WOTC Eligible candidates receive SNAP, TANF, SSI or other types of benefits. Employers who hire workforce opportunity tax credit candidates may qualify for tax incentives.


Onboard candidates are returning to work after six months or more of unemployment. Employers may qualify for a WOTC tax break with this hire.